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My Pachamama Experience - Air Season 2009

As promised, in english… :0) and for those of you who were not able to read my Brazil post,..well, Brazil opened a lot of new doors for me ! So it’s with a lot of Trust and Love that I came back to my dear city of Montreal, ready this time to stay put…well, …that was my thought…but the reality ended up being different as the challenges of staying present in that lifestyle and pace were more difficult than expected! Lucky me because this lead me to my next adventure ! “Again with her backpack ?” …I know, I know, I heard them all :0) But this time, I was not travelling through new countries, different cultures and landscapes,…this time I travelled to a very mysterious place called Jen... I must admit that even though no words can really express what I've been through and how valuable that experience was, it has definitely been the best backpacking trip of my life! A deep and adventurous journey inside myself, an inner exploration during which every second was pure excitement :0) What a bliss !!

Hop hop on the plane, let’s fly to the unknown ! What the *&”/% am I doing ? Where the &”/$%) am I going ? Hahaha, yeah, you can laugh at me, I did go through this questioning, but… Trust Trust Trust ! So one, two, three, I’m ready to dive, ready to dig !

Playa Samara

Beloved beach life! One breath of that salty air and wahhhh, resourcing is starting! Counting the butterflies flying around me, feeling the rain falling on my face while lying down under a palm tree, watching my foot prints disappear on the wet sand, learning how to juggle, singing in the waves, playing with the local kids,…smiling smiling smiling…every moment is unique and special ! Pura Vida !

Welcome to Pachamama !

1st challenge? 15 minutes walking into the jungle to my casita with a weak flashlight and the spiders ! It took me about 2 weeks to get used to that. Gosh! What a heart attack every night and what a comedy show it would’ve been to film me running under my bed net to hide and feel safe. Well, two good things : I am not arachnophobiac nor scared of the dark forests anymore ;0)

2nd challenge? Meditation!! “Ok, so I’m supposed to not think here?? Blank mind??” One anxiety crisis, two anxiety crisis,…”ok,…this is not right,…it shouldn’t be like that,…mind talking, another try now,… breaaaaaaaaaathe, relaaaaaaax, …observe”. There is no good way or bad way of observing thoughts, and there is nothing wrong in using the mind, but observing when the mind is using you,…that is what meditation is about. “Ok, got it !” Again, breaaaaaathe :0)

Now it’s time to get transformed and cleaned! And we’re not talking about a 5 minutes shower here. Body cleanse, emotional release, yoga, meditation, …letting go, feeling, sensing, contempling,…Living and Loving! Layers are pealed off, illusions are broken, essence is left out for us to smile and enjoy life in a more pure, true and authentic way :0D

After 5 weeks living in the jungle, discovering so many new species, whether it is in the wilderness of the nature or the wilderness of my soul, one more deep breath and “ok, I’m staying an extra 4 weeks”…Time for integration!

Community living, a so-called dream of mine, wow! Am I here? Now? A few pinches on my skin, and yes, I am here. Getting to know the commune, its residents, its beautiful kids, …getting the chance to share beautiful moments with amazing people,…getting to watch how everybody’s little touch of magic helped building that wonderful place of transformation and transcendence, what they call their home now,…all of those simple yet very profound moments brought such a deeper effect to my experience.

Another old old dream of mine? Woodstock 69!! How many times have you heard me say “I was meant to live in the 60s!!” come on, you can smile :0) Pachamama’s 10th year anniversary, let’s celebrate !! River Moon Festival 2010 ! Time to put our tents down at the river, bring our music instruments, let the Buddha aside to give some place to the Zorba ! Dancing and dancing and dancing, letting the rhythm and the beat uplift us so high that no ground is needed, and again, dancing and dancing and dancing! No more to say, It says it all!

I could say that every good thing has an end, but I am going to say that with an end comes a new beginning, a new opened door and opportunity for transformation, for reincarnation…The Joy of Life!

So it’s with a big opened heart that I am saying goodbye, but not farewell… From the Costarican jungle to the urban jungle, let’s see what’s next !

So grateful…

Pura Vida


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